InterUp | StayHome

FEUP's Intercultural Contact Point partnered with InterUP to support students at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic social isolation period. So the WeAreOne movement was born.
This initiative aims to support students who are far from their country or their family and intends to assist urgent cases of isolation, with the delivery of basic necessities and medicines and psychological support. Bearing in mind that there may be students living alone and that they cannot leave home, we are looking for a way to help them.
All crises bring lessons. The new coronavirus has reminded us that we live in an interconnected world, where we must work together, with an even more refined sense of community, when facing a common challenge.
Thus, based on the principles of trust, respect and empathy for its community and for the most vulnerable, WeAreOne's mission is to develop this collective spirit so that together we can overcome this global challenge.